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What is Collaborative Planning?

Why collaborative planning time?

Collaborative Team Planning video

Collaborative Inquiry (Educational Leadership)

More Time for Teacher Leadership and Collaboration

Looking Collaboratively at Student and Teacher Work

Making Time for Teacher Collaboration (Massachusetts 2020)

Framework for Assessing Teacher Collaboration

The Benefits of Teacher Collaboration

Supported Teacher Collaborative Inquiry (Teacher Education Quarterly)

School Perspectives on Collaborative Inquiry

Why Don't Teachers Collaborate?: A Leadership Conundrum

Met Life Survey of the American Teacher: Collaborating for Student Success

Maximizing the Impact of Teacher Collaboration

What is teacher collaboration?

Collaboration Lite Puts Student Achievement on a Starvation Diet (Learning Forward)

Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Inquiry (video)

Facilitating Collaborative Learning: 20 Things You Need to Know From the Pros

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Professional Learning Communities

Guide to Collaborative Culture and Shared Leadership

Building Collaborative Cultures

Collaborative Culture (Garmston, Learning Forward)

Creating Collaborative Cultures (ASCD)

Core Values of a Collaborative School Culture

Building a Collaborative School Culture Using Appreciative Inquiry

Beliefs About Looking at Student Work

Seven Norms of Collaboration: A Supporting Toolkit

Seven Norms of Collaboration: Inventories

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15 Awesome Quotes on Collaboration

Collaborative Quotes Cards

We're all in this together Teamwork Cards

Facilitation Scenarios Activity

Facilitating Collaborative Groups

Study Guide for Collaborative Analysis of Student Work (ASCD)

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Planning Resources for Differentiation

Dare to Differentiate wiki

The differentiator

Evaluation rubric for a differentiated lesson

Purposeful Planning

Sample Differentiated Lesson Plans

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Sample differentiated lesson plans