Exit Slip Prompts



Provide a one-paragraph summary of today's lesson.

Write one thing you learned today.

Draw a quick diagram that shows your perspective on today's lesson.

Summarize in a sentence or two what was learned/covered today

Think about the key ideas of today's lesson. If you had to summarize today's lesson on someone's voicemail (a brief message, several sentences) what would you say? Does your message include the most important, key ideas?

Student Self-Assessment

Rate your understanding of today's topic on a scale of 1-10. What can you do to improve your understanding?

Describe one problem you faced today. If you solved it, explain how.

Write one question you have about today's lesson.

What area gave you the most difficulty today?

Something that really helped me in my learning today was ....

Something I still don't understand is ...

Write a question you'd like to ask or something you'd like to know more about.

Rate your understanding of today's target on a scale of 1-10. What can you do to improve your understanding?

How will you know when you have mastered this concept?



Predict what will happen in the story when we continue reading it tomorrow.


Discuss how today's lesson could be used in the real world.

What connection did you make today that made you say, "AHA! I get it!"

In what ways do you see today's lesson connected to your everyday life?

What is this learning related to?

How does today’s lesson relate to our essential question for this unit?


Did working with a partner make your work easier or harder? Please explain.

Write one thing in particular about today’s reading or lesson that you think might be confusing to a lot of people (even yourself) and comment on what might make it confusing.

Select a quote from your reading that you feel is worthy of some discussion, and on the back of the card briefly mention why.

How can I test what I’ve learned?

Why is this lesson important?

True/False question. Defend your answer.

Critique briefly reading material for the day

Tell about a skill you need to practice.


Provide an example of this concept.

Create a problem based on today's lesson that could be used on a test. Completely work the problem.

Design a graphic or visual representation of your learning today


I would like to learn more about…

The most interesting thing I learned in class was…

List one surprising thing you learned.