Self-Assessment Through Rubrics (Educational Leadership, December 2007)

Rubric Machine: Rubric Toolkit

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Rubistar- create your own rubric

iRubric (free, but must create login)

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Creating rubrics- CARLA

Recipes4Success Rubric Maker

Authentic Assessment Toolbox: Rubrics

Roobrix: convert rubric scores to percentages

Project Based Learning Checklists (English and Spanish)

Understanding rubrics

Rubrics and Scoring (includes guidelines, common errors and examples of poorly adapted and well adapted rubrics

Rubrics to the Rescue


Effective Use of Rubrics to Assess Student Learning powerpoint external image Effective-Use-of-Rubrics.ppt

A rubric for assessing rubrics external image pdf.png assessrubric.pdf

Rubrics powerpoint external image rubrics.ppt

Rubrics powerpoint 2 external image rubrics2.ppt

Assessing products and performances external image msword.png Assessing Products and Performances.doc

Designing scoring rubrics for your classroom external image pdf.png s7_rubrics.pdf

Richlin's Rant: Rubrics external image pdf.png 2_rubics.pdf

Evaluating rubrics external image pdf.png evaluatingrubrics.pdf

Fun rubrics

Rubric for effectiveness of superheroes

Rubric for worker at Burger King

Rubric for teacher mom

The Rubric Song

Rubric for the perfect mother-in-law

Rubric for apple pie