Student Reflection and Self-Assessment



Student Engagement and Student Self-Assessment: The REAL Framework

Student Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment Through Rubrics (Educational Leadership, December 2007)

How to promote student reflection

The Reflective Student

Importance of Student Reflection
  • Benefits of reflection
  • Facilitating reflection
  • Reflection activities

Creating a Culture of Student Reflection

Peer and Self-Assessment (NCLRC)

Getting into the habit of reflection (Educational Leadership)

A Taxonomy of Reflection: Critical Thinking for Students and Teachers

10 Ways to Encourage Student Reflection

Student Self-Evaluation: What Research Says and What Practice Shows

Student Self-Assessment: Capacity Building Series, Ontario


Self-Assessment and Peer Support

Student Reflection and Self-Assessment Examples

Student Reflection Sheet 2

Prove It Student Reflection Sheet

Weekly Reflection- How's It Going?

End of Year Writing Evaluation

Weekly progress sheet

Student Reflection Sheet

Measurement student self-assessment

First American target chart

Student Self-Assessment Checklist

Math Jigsaw Rubric (

Thermometer Rubric (

Seed Rubric for younger children (

I Get It! student rubric- student drawn (

Assessment Dialogue forms



Effective use of student journal writing

Reflective journals

Dialogue journals (Eric Digest)

How dialogue journals build teacher-student relationships

Dialogue journals (Teacher Vision)

Student Portfolios

Student Portfolios: Classroom Uses

Sample Student Portfolio Rubric

Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom

Getting Started with Student Portfolios

Using Portfolios in the Classroom powerpoint external image Portfolios.ppt

About Portfolios external image pdf.png About_Portfolios.pdf

Student Portfolios external image msword.png Student Portfolios.doc

Portfolio Reflection Sheet external image msword.png Portfolio Reflection Sheet Blank.doc

Portfolio Rubric and Scoring Tool external image pdf.png portrub.pdf

Portfolios for Student Growth Rubric external image msword.png RubricQuarterlyMiddleTeacherVer.doc

Student Portfolio Handbook external image msword.png Student Portfolio Handbook 05-06.doc

Student Portfolio Checklist external image pdf.png Student Portfolio Checklist rev 3-2009.pdf

Creative Ways to Use Electronic Portfolios in the Classroom external image electronic-portfolios-presentation.ppt

Using technology for feedback and reflection

Teach with Technology- Student reflection tools (student blogs and voice threads)

Blogging as a learning journal (includes a list of question stems for reflection)

Reflections on using podcasting for student feedback external image pdf.png df2.pdf

Fostering Reflection and Metacognition Through Student Generated Podcasts external image pdf.png 2006_POD_ACEC.pdf

Do Blogs Help Students Learn? (includes section on reflection) external image pdf.png 19DC5838BCD42A039BDAA4A55D71BAAF.pdf

Students’ perception of using blogs as a tool for reflection and communication external image msword.png ALT-CEdinburghCHAN.doc