Student Learning Preferences and Interests


Teaching Across Types

What Helps Us Learn- video with students' insights (ASCD)

Faces of Learning- create your own "learner sketch"

Knowing the Learner Data Collection Tools

Differentiated Instruction Learner Profile external image pdf.png di_learnerprof.pdf

Learner Profile Card external image pdf.png Learner_Profile.pdf

Strategies for Knowing the Learner

Multiple Intelligences Tools and Resources

Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Find Your Strengths
Where does your intelligence lie? (multiple intelligences quiz that creates a pie chart of responses) external image msexcel.png Where Does Your Intelligence Lie?.xls

Class Intelligence Profile (teacher inputs students strengths, makes pie chart of class results) external image msexcel.png ClassIntelligenceProfile summary.xls

How many ways are you smart? external image pdf.png misurvey.pdf

Multiple Intelligences Survey (, Mike Fleetham) external image pdf.png Generic MI Questionnaire.pdf

Cuestionario de inteligencia multiple para el alumno spmultint.rtf

Multiple Intelligences Test in French external image msword.png TestIMélève.doc

Learning Styles Tools and Resources

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

What's your learning style?

VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles (in multiple languages)

Ton style d'apprentissage

CHAEA: Estilos de aprendizaje

Discover your learning style (interactive)

Quel est votre style d'apprentissage? external image pdf.png ObjetApprentissage3440.pdf

Getting to Know You: Learning Profile Inventory external image msword.png Getting to Know You-Learning Profile Inventory.doc

Quel est mon style dominant? external image pdf.png Activit4_4.pdf

Learning Style Questionnaire- primary external image msword.png Interest Inventory.primary.doc

Learning Styles Inventory (, Mike Fleetham) external image pdf.png Learning Style Questions.pdf

Student Interest Inventories

Parent student interest inventory external image pdf.png parent_inventory.pdf

Student Interest Inventory external image msword.png Student Interest Inventory.doc

Student Interest Inventory (Reading) external image pdf.png inventory.pdf

Student Interest Survey (Elementary) external image msword.png Elementary Interest Survey 2.doc

Student Interest Inventory external image pdf.png STUDENTINTERESTINVENTORY-OrangeInclusionManual.pdf

Student Interest Inventory (Scholastic) external image pdf.png unit_roadtosuccess_invent.pdf

What interests you? external image msword.png What Interests you?.doc

Tell me about yourself external image msword.png Tell Me About Yourself.doc

If I ran the school- student interest survey external image pdf.png If I ran the school.pdf

Getting to Know You interest interview external image pdf.png interviewquest.pdf

Other Resources for Knowing the Learner (and Teacher)

Motivation Style Inventory: What's your motivation style?

Teaching Style Inventory external image pdf.png TSI.pdf