Seven Keys to Effective Feedback (ASCD)

The Fine Art of Giving Feedback (Grant Wiggins)

Synopsis of "The Power of Feedback"

Feedback That Fits (ASCD article, 12/07 by Susan M. Brookhart)

Feed Up, Back, Forward (Educational Leadership, ASCD, 11/09)

Tailoring Feedback (Prezi)

Focus on Formative Feedback

Good Bye to "Good Job!": The Power of Effective Feedback

Motivating Through Feedback

Feedback powerpoint external image feedback.ppt

Giving effective feedback on Student Writing external image pdf.png givingfeedback2007-02.pdf

Receiving and giving effective feedback external image pdf.png receivingandgivingeffectivefeedback.pdf

Providing learners with feedback external image pdf.png Providing_Learners_with_Feedback_Part1_May2008.pdf

Professional Development Materials

Effective Feedback: A-REEF method

Descriptive Feedback

Feedback Strategies

Effective Feedback for Students (list of strategies)

Cheer Cards


John Hattie: What feedback means (YouTube video)

Student to Teacher Feedback

How to foster student feedback

Collecting feedback from students external image pdf.png collectstfdback.pdf

Teacher Feedback Self-Assessment

Descriptive Feedback (see pages 16-17)
Teacher Behaviors Inventory (PDF) external image pdf.png teachingbehav.pdf

Teacher Behaviors Inventory (Microsoft Word document) external image msword.png Teacher behaviors inventory.doc