Formative Assessment Strategies


Multiple strategies

60 Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques

Multiple Approaches to Monitoring Student Understanding

Whole class feedback: 25 strategies for collecting formative data (requires free TES membership)

Student Response Methods (click on Strategies, on pull down menu select Student Response Methods, and then choose a method to view)

Informal Formative Assessment Strategies (Slideshare)

39 Different Examples of Formative Assessment (editable Google presentation where you can add ideas)

Tools for Formative Assessment: Techniques to Check for Understanding

Formative assessment strategies
Formative assessment activities

Assessment Ideas

Mix and Match Your Assessment Techniques to Boost Performance

Checking for Understanding

53 Ways to Check for Understanding

Hands-on checking for understanding
Strategies for checking for understanding
Tips and strategies to informally check for student understanding
List of checking for understanding strategies
Springboard strategies to check for understanding

A baker's dozen of strategies for checking for understanding

Entrance and Exit slips and cards/3-2-1

Assess and Plan with Exit Tickets

Exit Slips and Reflection (Pinterest)

Exit card question samples

Exit slips (

Let It Slip!: Daily exit slips help teachers know what students really learned

Printable exit slips

More exit slip/ticket templates on Pinterest

Even more exit slip prompts

List of Exit Slip prompts

Entrance card

Entry Ticket

Exit slip

3-2-1 Strategy
Another 3-2-1 form
3-2-1 Strategy Chart

Pinch Cards

Pinch cards

A-B-C Pinch Cards

Agree/Disagree pinch card

Other formative assessment strategies

Finish the Face

Traffic Light

Synectics Organizer

Twitter Summary

Bump in the Road

S-O-S Summary

Feedback form
Three Minute Buzz
Reflection Pyramid
Reflecting on Bright Ideas
Windshield check 2 on page
Windshield check

Fuel gauge
Depth card

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Stop light cards

Stairs and stars

Stairs cards

Target cards

Two Stars and A Wish

Formative Assessment Using Technology



Quizlet/Quizlet Live



Quia Shared Activities